Where are COSCO SHIPPING International’s shares listed? What is the stock symbol?

COSCO SHIPPING International’s shares are listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, and the stock code is 00517.HK. As at 30th April 2019, the number of COSCO SHIPPING International’s issue shares was 1,532,955,429.

When is COSCO SHIPPING International’s Annual General Meeting?

COSCO SHIPPING International holds an Annual General Meeting in Hong Kong each year, usually in May, and would announce a Notice of Annual General Meeting in April to notice our shareholders. For details, you may check on HKEXnews website or the investor relations page on COSCO SHIPPING International’s corporate website.

When does COSCO SHIPPING International report its financial results?

COSCO SHIPPING International’s financial year is the calendar year up to and including 31 December. Annual results are usually announced at the end of March of the following year, while interim results for the six months ended 30 June are usually announced towards the end of August.


COSCO SHIPPING International’s results presentations are available on the investor relations page on COSCO SHIPPING International’s corporate website.

Who is COSCO SHIPPING International’s independent auditor?

COSCO SHIPPING International’s independent auditor is PricewaterCoopers LLP. Please refer to our most recent annual report or interim report for the latest independent auditor’s report.

How is COSCO SHIPPING International’s dividend policy?

Since 2014, with prudent and thorough discussion, COSCO SHIPPING International’s Board of Directors approved to temporarily increase its annual dividend payout ratio from previously not less than 25% of net profit to not less than 50% of net profit prior to practical progress in major investment project in the future. In case, if the Company have any announced major transaction in relation to investment project, the annual dividend payout ratio will maintain at the level of not less than 25% of net profit subject to the results, availability of distributable reserves and cashflow position of the Company at that time.

Who do I contact with enquiries relating to COSCO SHIPPING International’s investor relations activities, the Company’s development, etc.?

Any enquiries relating to our investor relations activities and the Company’s latest developments, you can contact our investor relations officers or you can find the updates via the investor relations page on COSCO SHIPPING International’s corporate website.

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