湖北快三 Sustainability


To enhance corporate sustainability, we have been committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance and improving our corporate governance system in strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We endeavour to strengthen internal audit, which put an emphasis on both supervision and management. Meanwhile, we strive to establish a socially responsible corporate culture that paves the way for the long-term development of the enterprise itself, the society, the environment and the economy as a whole, so as to safeguard and balance the interests among its stakeholders including the shareholders, business partners, employees, customers and suppliers.

Our Sustainability at a Glance

We believe that high standards of corporate governance not only facilitate managing business risks and enhancing transparency, but also maintain high standard of accountability and protect the shareholders’ interest in general.


The Board has six Board Committees to monitor and implement the duties of different aspects of the Board

Each director has a different professional qualification and academic background, and have extensive experience in different areas, so that they can fully capitalise on their strengths to maximise the effectiveness of the Board

We endeavor to cultivate an HSE corporate culture, and promote green shipping by intensifying efforts on energy saving and emission reduction.


Our coatings manufacturers obtained related certifications from International Organisation for Standardization, including ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001

Our coatings manufacturers actively promote their water-borne container coatings and Hull Performance Solutions, which help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We are committed to nurturing the talents and building a learning enterprise, and furnishing a friendly work environment for the employees to establish a healthy and balanced work life.


A total of 846 employees as at the end of 2017

A total of 15,599 training hours received by employees in 2017

To return to society, we participate in diversified community projects related to education, environmental care as well as helping the underprivileged.


Formulating Charitable Donation Policy which sets the annual charitable donation budge in line with the net profit of the previous year

A total of 388 volunteer hours were recorded in 2017

Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Our Environmental, Social and Governance Report recorded COSCO SHIPPING International’s efforts and achievements in fulfilling corporate responsibility. The Report covers workplace quality, environmental protection, operating practices and community involvement. We believe that the key to corporate responsibility is to integrate the concept of sustainable development into the Company's development strategy, operation and management to achieve long-term success.

For governance, please refer to the Corporate Governance Report in COSCO SHIPPING International’s Annual Report.

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