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While pursuing corporate profitability and promoting business development, COSCO SHIPPING International is equally concerned about its obligations to the environment. We strictly implement the measures in accordance to Environmental Management System Certification, and actively conduct research and development as well as promote green products to support green shipping. We also advocate low carbon office and nurture our staff awareness on environmental conversation, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the global climate, the community and the Company itself.

Implementing Environmental Management

COSCO SHIPPING International’ s coating manufacturing subsidiaries strictly comply with the laws and regulations in the PRC, as well as carry out various systems and management measure as stated in the Environmental Management System Certification formulated by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), so as to minimise the pollution to the environment in the production process of coatings. The environmental management measures taken by our subsidiaries are listed in the following aspects:

Coatings Manufacturing Companies

Reduction of Sewage and Pollutant Emission

Our coating manufacturing subsidiaries implement the following environmental management measures on emission reduction and sewage reduction:

  • Cleaning the environmentally friendly sewage treatment sedimentation tank on a regular basis.
  • Using pipelines, central ventilation system and dust filtration equipment to reduce waste.
  • Promoting proactively the replacement of solvent coatings by water based coatings to reduce the emission of VOCs.
Waste Management

Our coating manufacturing subsidiaries are dedicated to managing waste in a responsible way and strive to optimise the use of resources.

  • Hazardous wastes as well as wastes from workshops and research and development laboratories, etc., are delivered to qualified units for processing.
  • Non-hazardous wastes like some waste bags, clips, papers, etc., are recycled by qualified units for reuse.

Non-Manufacturing Companies

Promoting Low Carbon Office
  • To save energy, we launched environmentally-friendly campaign of “Saving a drop of water, a kilowatt of power and a piece of paper” by encouraging staff to reduce office consumables such as printing papers; to save energy by turning off the computers or electrical appliances and equipment when not in use, using energy efficient bulbs, and adjusting the air conditioning temperature to 25 degree Celsius at office, etc.
  • Every year, COSCO SHIPPING International supports the WWF-Hong Kong’s annual eco-event, “Earth Hour”, to discharge our responsibility to save the planet by turning off all non-essential lights to minimise carbon emission.
  • We support green printing. The Company adopted printing paper accredited by a non-profit green body namely Forest Stewardship Council (known as FSC) in the Company’s annual reports and other promotional collaterals with bulk printing.
Promoting Recycling

Every year, we partner with Christian Action to organise “Green Collection Day” programme, which aimed to encourage the employees to reduce waste by donating recycled items for the people in need. In 2017, a total of 280 kilograms of clothes, toys and books were donated. The donated items were sent to those families newly migrated to Hong Kong, ethnic minorities, and the orphans and disabled children in Qinghai province, China, or sold for charity to finance various charitable services of Christian Action.

Supporting Green Shipping

COSCO SHIPPING International, as a specialised shipping services provider, has endeavoured to support green shipping. Our coating manufacturing subsidiaries have actively promoted the development green coating products so as to make contribution to the protection of global climate.

Promoting HPS and Sea Quantum Series of Anti-fouling Coatings by Jotun COSCO

Jotun COSCO has strived to promote its Hull Performance Solutions (“HPS”) and green marine coatings known as the Sea Quantum series of anti-fouling coatings, which use raw materials with no solvents and low volatile organic compounds. Theoretically, it can save up to 13.2% fuel consumption as compared with the market average level. This greatly reduces the fuel cost of shipowners and reduces emission of greenhouse. The products were highly regarded by the industry.

R&D of Water-borne Container Coatings by COSCO Kansai

In response to the environmental protection requirements of the container coatings by the National Technical Committee on Freight Container of Standardisation Administration of China, COSCO Kansai has actively researched and developed water-based container coatings in recent years. While introducing international advanced technology, “COSCO Kansai succeeded to develop water-based container coating products applicable to various work environment and obtained 3 patent rights. Additionally, COSCO Kansai actively developed water-based eco-friendly coatings that applicable to different fields. In 2017, it completed the development of a series of water based coatings including water-based workshop primer, water-based alkyd coatings that possess light corrosion nature and water-based coatings for trailers.

Concern for Safety Management

We have a Safety Management Committee performing unified guidance, inspection, assessment and supervision, education and promotion of safe production of our subsidiaries, as well as fully regulate and manage the safety management work of various coating companies in accordance with the Safety Act of the People’s Republic of China and the relevant safety management regulations of the HKSAR government, so as to increase our staff awareness in production safety and thereby establishing a normalised and standardised management system of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and a corporate culture.

Our coating manufacturing subsidiaries obtained Quality Management System Certification, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series Certification and Environmental Management System Certification formulated by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

We are committed to fostering a safe corporate culture through our three-pronged approach – training and education, supervision and checks, and emergency drills. Over the past years, COSCO SHIPPING International and its subsidiaries have not recorded any significant accident regarding production safety.

Certificates Accredited by International Organisation

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